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Unusual Baby Names

What makes a baby name unusual?

The definition of unusual in the dictionary is 'not common or ordinary'. Now the meaning of an unusual baby name probably can be interpreted a few different ways. In general, expecting parents seeking out a unique baby name have the following things in mind:

Tips on Unique Baby Naming

For those new parents out there that want to name their child something outside the norm, we have some questions to ask yourself listed below. When developing a different and unique name you should think about what your doing very carefully, we want to help you succeed without ending up with a baby name that is so bizarre they will be doomed to an eternal life of ridicule. (We don't want that!)

You probably get the idea from the list above - think about what your doing! The ideal unique baby name comes from a word that has a good meaning, sounds good with the last name and is not too far out there. Many trendy names that we can get from pop culture might fit into the category of 'too far out there'.

Just because a celebrity has named their child after a season, plant, or animal, doesn't necessarily mean it will fit your child. As trends fade so does name popularity, so keep this in mind when trying to get too cute with naming your child.

In summary, we feel it is a good idea to explore unusual baby names and their meanings. If you find a name that you are comfortable with, has good origins compared to your ideals and beliefs, and is not too crazy than it may just be the name of your new baby boy or girl!

Unusual Boys Names

Some different baby boy names:

  1. Reese
  2. Malachi
  3. Bernardo
  4. Jax
  5. Jamari
  6. Nathaniel
  7. Landen
  8. Griffin
  9. Kelton
  10. Gustavo

Unusual Girls Names

Some unique baby girl names:

  1. Marisol
  2. Amaya
  3. Amari
  4. Keira
  5. Tatiana
  6. Alondra
  7. Brooklynn
  8. Piper
  9. Cadence
  10. Paola

Try our baby name generator for other unique and unusual name combinations.