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Biblical Baby Names

Baby names with religious meaning or origin are a popular way to name your baby. Here are some common biblical names that new parents sometimes use with their meanings:

Biblical Boys Names

  1. Benjamin
    (Meaning: Son of my right hand)

  2. Elijah
    (Meaning: Jehovah is god)

  3. Jacob
    (Meaning: Replacement or 'best boy')

  4. John
    (Meaning: The lord is gracious)

  5. Joseph
    (Meaning: Supported by Jehovah)

  6. Luke
    (Meaning: Worshipful)

  7. Matthew
    (Meaning: God's Gift)

  8. Noah
    (Meaning: Peacemaker)

  9. Peter
    (Meaning: Dependable/Rock)

  10. Samuel
    (Meaning: Man who heard god)


Biblical Girls Names

  1. Anna
    (Meaning: Gracious)

  2. Delilah
    (Meaning: Beautiful temptress)

  3. Eve
    (Meaning: First woman)

  4. Joanna
    (Meaning: Kind)

  5. Judith
    (Meaning: Worth of praise)

  6. Leah
    (Meaning: Delicate/Weary)

  7. Mara
    (Meaning: Bitter)

  8. Mary
    (Meaning: Star/Mother of Jesus)

  9. Rachel
    (Meaning: Female sheep)

  10. Sarah
    (Meaning: Princess)