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Baby Girls Names

Do you know what you want to name your new little princess? We offer some help with naming a baby girl in the following sections.

Popular Girls Names

If you don't know where to begin, you can always see what other parents have named their babies. For the year 2005, here are the most popular names for girls in the U.S. according to government information. You can see the other girl names on our top 100 baby names page.

  1. Emily
  2. Emma
  3. Madison
  4. Abigail
  5. Olivia
  6. Isabella
  7. Hannah
  8. Samantha
  9. Ava
  10. Ashley


Unusual Girls Names

Not everyone wants to select a name for their baby girl that is plain and ordinary. We offer a few unusual girls names for your girl:

  1. Marisol
  2. Amaya
  3. Amari
  4. Keira
  5. Tatiana
  6. Alondra
  7. Brooklynn
  8. Piper
  9. Cadence


Strategies for Naming a Girl

For some reason, a lot of new parents find naming a girl to be more difficult than a boy. Parents often want their little girls name to be more 'special' or 'unique'

If you already have some ideas in mind for a girls baby name, then you are way ahead of the game. If not, you have some work ahead of you!

When you start to develop names for a girl, think about what is important to you as far as meaning goes. Make a list of general first girl names that you like, 50 names is a good number to start with. Your source for names can come from different places. Names from books, TV, movies, and pop culture can be good places to find naming ideas. Biblical names are also a good source to start with for girl name ideas.

One word of advice on using names from pop culture. You really need to think about names that are 'too unique' or different. The last thing you want to do is set your child up for teasing as they progress through school. You know how cruel kids can be, so be very careful!

As you create your list of girls names, here are some things that can help you with organization:

Review the list and get rid of names that both you and your spouse don't like. These things should help your list get narrowed down to 10 names or less. At this point, it is a good idea to further research each one. Ask friends and family on their opinions, and think about this name for the future of your girl. Will it cause her to be teased at school? Does the meaning work well for a girl (feminine, pretty delicate etc.). Does it go well with your last name?

For the middle name, you can go follow the same steps that you did for the first name. A big consideration for many parents is how well the first and last name sound together. Read out loud all of the names for your girl. Does it sound like a name you would be proud of? Does the name portray in image that you like according to origin or meaning? Are you happy with the way it goes with the last name?

Not everyone will be in agreement with your choices, but if you spend the time to go through the entire process and evaluate the names properly, the right choice will come to you in the end. You will know that you made the right choice, when you are holding your newborn daughter in your arms for the first time and the name fits. This is a wonderful feeling!