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Top 100 Baby Names

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Not sure what to name your baby? You have come to the right place. This site can help you with the challenge of selecting a name for your boy or girl that is on the way. You may want to start with the Top 100 Baby Names List, to see what the most popular baby names were for the last year.

If those names are too common, try our baby name generator or visit the sections on unique baby names, ethnic baby names, or biblical baby names.

Common Questions about Naming A Baby

Baby Naming Suggestions

Should you name your baby from the top 100 baby names list? These boys and girls names are typically more common, and are the most popular. Many expecting parents struggle with where to start coming up with ideas if they don't already have a name decided.

What you name your child is a very important first step in their life. Ultimately you want them to have a unique name that has meaning which corresponds to your beliefs, morals, or how your want your child to be portrayed. Studies have shown that what you name your baby can have an effect on their social life.

We live in a society today where pop culture seems to rule alot of trends, and this includes baby names. You can look at some of the popular baby names and see certain names that have been made famous by celebrities or characters on TV that had children. Unfortunately what works for the child of a celebrity may not be the best idea for your baby.

Naming your baby Apple, Sunshine, or River may seem cool or trendy, but think it through. A unique name with a strong meaning can be a great way to go, but a name that is too bizarre is sure to cause problems in your child's life as they grow up. Imagine the teasing they will go through, and the explaining they will have to do to others about their 'odd' name.

If you are a spiritual person, there are some great boys and girls names that have deep religious meanings. It can be a lot of fun to research these names and their origins.

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About Top 100 Baby Names

The authors of this site went through the same process of selecting a name for their newborn baby, and we just want new parents out there to spend quality time in developing a baby name that is unique, and one that your child will appreciate as they grow and develop in life. If all else fails you can revert back to the popular Top 100 Baby Names list for a start. We wanted to create a resource to help with the mighty challenge of naming your baby.

Good luck in finding that perfect baby name!!!

Top 100 Baby Names Editors